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The Swingsations: Links

Moras Modern Music (Dean Mora)
I've known and worked for Dean since 1994, and it's always a pleasure. I'm on all of the Modern Rhythmists CDs and you can hear me live with the Dean Mora Orchestra in the Los Angeles area. Keep up the good work, Dean!
Art Deco Society of Los Angeles
A great site to discover the art, music, and lifestyle of the 1920's and 30's, as well as Los Angeles history - tours, events, and more. We've been part of their Labor Day Festival on the Queen Mary since 2005.
Jonathan Stout and his Campus Five
A fabulous band that I also work with - swinging 1940's style jazz and swing, and wonderful vocals by Hilary Alexander.
The Reynolds Brothers/Rhythm Rascals
The great John and Ralf Reynolds, always a swinging good time. I've had the great pleasure of playing with them through the years. Check them out!
Brian Shim's new site is a great guide to the best in swing dance venues, events, and the great bands that specialize in this music ( including us! ). Please check it out and let him know what you think. Thanks, Brian!
Richard Halpern
What more can I say? Richard is simply the best at interpreting the great songs of the 1900's to the 1930's...always upbeat and entertaining. Thanks, Richard - you're a blessing to L.A.
The Strutter's Ball
The new place for live swing music on Wednesday nights, run by Shesha Marvin of ocswing, with music produced by Jonathan Stout. We'll be appearing there regularly, along with the Campus Five and other surprise "all star" groups featuring the best swing players in the area.