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The Swingsations: News

Valley Jazz Club this Sunday - February 28, 2019

Just a quick reminder that we are doing a feature set for the Valley Jazz Club this Sunday, March 3, from 3:00 to 4:00 pm (approximately - we may be starting a little later than 3). If you're in the Valley area come on by! The address is the Elks Lodge at 20925 Osborne St. in Canoga Park, zip 91304. We will have special guests Jim Jedeikin on tenor sax and clarinet, Benjamin May on bass and Dave Stuckey on drums, in addition to regular Tom Hynes on guitar. For more information visit the Calendar Dates section here, or check out The Swingsations Facebook page. Thanks, and see you there!

We've got sound clips! - February 15, 2019

I'm happy to announce that the technical problem on the CDBaby site has been solved, and now sound clips of all the songs on Still Swingin' are available, so you can check out our fine work before you buy. Many thanks to Marisa B. at CDBaby for her help in getting this problem solved. As a reminder, you can listen and purchase at the CDBaby site, and listen at the new HearNow site (which will direct you to the CDBaby site).

Here are the two links:

Thanks everyone, and happy listening!

Valley Jazz Club - February 12, 2019

Our friends at the Valley Jazz Club in Canoga Park have asked us to return and play a feature set for them (our last appearance there was in January 2015). The date is Sunday, March 3, at approximately 3:00 p.m., and it will be held at the Elk's Lodge at 20925 Osborne Street. If you're in the area please come by! Ed Stauss and the group there are longtime fans of the band, and I'll have my regular group plus special guest Dave Stuckey on drums. For mor details check out the Calendar Dates section here and also The Swingsations page on Facebook. Thank you!

Success! - February 5, 2019

Yes, I completed the finalization process today and Still Swingin' is now being released for digital sale on iTunes, Spotify and many other platforms. ITunes sales should be up within a day and the other places may be a little longer, but the process is done. This also means that sound clips will be available on the CDBaby store site, so you'll be able to listen before you buy. So please check out the store page and consider making a purchase. If you like it please write a short review. Thank you very much!

An update - January 25, 2019

A quick update on the new recording - as I wrote earlier, it is now available on CDBaby for CD purchase and downloads - the direct page is There are no sound clips of the tunes as of yet, because I am waiting for the submission process to be completed - I paid for their top submission package this time and so there are a few more steps that need to be taken. Once final approval is given, the sound clips will be added. In the meantime, please take my word that you'll enjoy every moment and consider purchasing a tune or the whole recording. Thank you!

We're online! - January 13, 2019

Yes, as of today the new recording is available for purchase on Cd Baby! The audio sample links should be up soon as soon as the final review processes are completed - and I hope to have audio links up soon on the website as well. You can purchase physical product (CD) or digital downloads. You can find the link on the Buy tab here on the website. Thank you, and enjoy!

On line purchases soon! - January 8, 2019

Hi again - a quick update: I submitted the new recording to the fine people here at CDBaby last week, and once they receive it and I complete a few more sign up steps, it will be available to purchase in physical and digital formats. I should mention that my other two recordings ( Swing That Music and Swingers and Novelties ) are available now, in case you were unaware. Enjoy, and Happy New Year!

It's here! - January 3, 2019

In all the rush of the Christmas season, I forgot to make the big announcement here - the new recording is finished and delivered! The title is Still Swingin'! and I took delivery on Dec. 18. I'm sending some copies to CDBaby today, and hopefully in about a week or so it will be available online. I've already sold a few at the Lindy Focus dance event and at a few of the Campus Five gigs, thanks to the generosity of fellow bandleader Jonathan Stout.
I'm very proud of this recording - it has a great variety of music and I'll think that you'll enjoy it. I am particularly happy that I was able to do a tribute to "Westy" by singing I Believe In Miracles, a nice old song that he did with me for many years. Thank you everyone, Happy New Year, and Happy Listening!

Photo shoot coming up! - November 27, 2018

I'm looking forward to our photo shoot this Sunday, December 1 - first of all because the band is in need of a new promotional photo, and also because it's another step in the completion of the new recording. It will be held at the Music Room in Orange, a multi use dance and performing arts studio run by Sharon Westenhofer, Westy's wife. So there is a wonderful connection to our old friend, as he spent many happy hours here working and rehearsing. Our photographer is Rick Takanega, a great fan of musicians who has taken many photos of me and the other Disney musicians over the years. Stay tuned for the results!

#10 at Barley Forge - November 23, 2018

We'll be making our tenth appearance at Barley Forge Brewing Co. in Costa Mesa, just in time for some Christmas cheer - the date is Thursday, Dec. 13, with two sets of music 8:00 - 9:00 p.m. and 9:30 - 10:30 p.m. We hope to see you there to enjoy some great music, beer, and food. I hope to have my regular band there that night, and if we're really lucky the new recording may be ready. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Closing in on the finish line - November 23, 2018

Yes, after a brief delay due to scheduling conflicts and a busy fall schedule, I'm back to work on the new recording. The graphic design is underway, with duplication to follow, courtesy of Marc Smaniotto at ABACAB Multimedia. The final piece of the puzzle will be including a photo or two on the CD, and I have managed to set up a photo shoot for Sunday, December 2. It will be at The Music Room in Orange, which has a connection to Westy, as it is run by his wife Sharon and he spent a lot of time there working and helping with the musical projects. Our photographer will be Richard Takanega, a great friend of musicians who has taken many photos of me and the other guys around Disneyland. Once the photos are chosen, we can bring this wonderful recording to you at last! I'm looking forward to having it completed and sharing it with all of you.

Another big thanks - September 30, 2018

Again I must say thanks to all who have visited my website - September has seen an all time high in visits. Regarding the recording - I was unable to get my guys together for a photo shoot, as Bryan my drummer will now be gone until early November. So the plan now is to do it then - I have lined up a fine photographer Richard Takanega to do the photos - he is a big fan of music and has taken many photos of me and some of the other guys at Disneyland ( his wife Connie is a great photographer as well ). I plan to use the Music Room in Orange as our venue - a place run by Westy's wife Sharon, where Westy spent a lot of there will be a connection to our dear friend. So the final preparations continue - thank you for your patience and support, and stay tuned.

Thanks everyone! - August 21, 2018

Just a quick note to say thank you to everyone who has visited this website recently...there's been a recent increase in visits here, and I hope that you all have enjoyed what you've seen. I will be posting more updates on the new recording soon - at the moment I'm still in the process of raising some additional money for the duplication and packaging, plus a photo shoot. So please check back soon!

More progress soon - August 1, 2018

Hello again, and thanks to all those who have visited the website recently...there's be an increase in visits in July for which I'm very grateful.

This is a brief recording update - at this time I'm short on funds, so any further progress has been put on hold. I still need to do the CD duplication and decide on the packaging
(artwork, photo, etc.) and finalize the info so it can be distributed on CDBaby. So a few more hurdles to jump, but the end is definitely in sight. I'll keep you posted as to further developments. Thanks again for your support!

A fun gig - July 25, 2018

It's a pleasure as a musician to work with other groups, in other contexts - and that's what I got to do earlier this week. I appeared at Joe's in Burbank with the Carl "Sonny" Leyland Quartet, playing some hard driving boogie woogie, blues, and some 20's - 30's era standards. It was fun and quite a workout! Carl is the best in the business when it comes to boogie woogie, and he's a great guy to work for. My band mates were Josh Colazzo on drums and Lahksmi Ramirez on bass. A swingin' time was had by all!

Some sad news... - July 24, 2018

Unfortunately I have some sad news to report - after 13 years, there will be no Art Deco Festival on the Queen Mary, and consequently we won't be performing. Apparently there has been another round of management changes, and a change in the Special Events Department. I will miss performing for the good people at the Art Deco Society - it was always fun to do and for many years was very profitable for us , as we played at the Observation Bar on both Saturday and Sunday of the event, in addition to doing the Friday Cocktail Reception. I can only hope that perhaps they'll try to host it next year. So farewell for now, and we'll cherish the memories.

Good news! - July 18, 2018

I have a positive update about the new recording. I was a little concerned about the cost of licensing the cover songs on the CD, as last time ( 13 years ago! ) you could only deal with the Harry Fox agency in New York, and it was expensive. But thanks to research and the changing times, I was able to find a company to license the tunes for less money than I expected ( they're called Easy Song Licensing ). And, I only had to license 12 instead of 14 because 2 of the tunes are Public Domain now. The service was great - fast, they do both physical product and downloads, and even offer a volume discount. Long story short, the licensing is complete, so now it's on to the packaging and duplication...once a little more money is raised. Stay with me, it will be out soon!

Swingin' at the Casino - July 14, 2018

A belated report and thank you - our appearance at Casino San Clemente on July 11 was a great success! It was a sold out concert again, and so we were moved to the Ballroom, which is a larger venue ( with good sound as well ). We also had a few dancers, which was nice. My thanks to Linda and the staff at the Casino who were very helpful, efficient, and friendly. And a big thanks to Phil and my super subs Jonathan Stout, Benjamin May, and Jimmy Ford for helping me lay down some swingin' music. Here's hoping that we'll be back soon!

Coming up... - July 10, 2018

Our second appearance at Casino San Clemente is now just around the corner - tomorrow night, July 11, from 6:30 to 9:00 p.m. Tickets are still available, and I was recently informed that there will be space for dancing on the patio, which is near the West Wing performance area. My regular sax man Phil Krawzak will be there, along with special guests Jonathan Stout on guitar ( of Campus Five fame ), Benjamin May on bass, and Jimmy Ford on drums. It's sure to be a swingin' time! For more information please visit my Calendar page here, or The Swingsations on Facebook. See you soon!

Another great night - June 29, 2018

Once again a great night at Barley Forge Brewing Co., and a big thanks to my band - Phil Krawzak, Tom Liston, Benjamin May and George Andrus for making it all swing. The staff was once again very friendly and helpful, which always makes for a great experience. Thanks also to the fans and friends who came by to say hello...much appreciated. Next up is July 11 at Casino San Clemente, so stay tuned.

Barley Forge #9 Coming Up! - June 27, 2018

We're only a day away from our ninth appearance at Barley Forge Brewing Co., and it's always a pleasure. My regular sax man Phil Krawzak will be there, and I'll have special guests Tom Liston on guitar, Benjamin May on bass and George Andrus on drums. Incidentally, having Tom and Ben on this gig reunites 3/4 of my band from 1996! We'll be playing some favorites from our two CDs plus a few tunes from the upcoming record. I hope to see you there! Check the Calendar Dates page for more information, and thank you.

Keeping busy - June 13, 2018

I'm heading into a busy period now, with a private event at UC Irvine on June 20 and our ninth appearance at Barley Forge Brewing Co. on June 28. And then we'll be making our Summer Jazz Series debut at Casino San Clemente on July 11. It's good to be working, and these gigs will help fund the next steps in getting my recording released - licensing, artwork and packaging. I hope that I'll see some of you along the way. Thanks for you support!

Just added - June 5, 2018

A quick news flash - we have been invited to perform at the Casino San Clemente again, this time as part of their Summer Jazz Series. Our last performance there was in November of 2016 during their Autumn Leaves Jazz Series, and we were a big hit, performing to a sold out house. The date is Wednesday night, July 11, from 6:30 to 9:00 p.m. I'm hoping for another great turnout and a great performance. Thanks, and I'll be posting more details soon.

Spring cleaning at the website - May 31, 2018

Just a quick note to let you know that I'm doing some long overdue "cleaning up" here at the website - adding some new photos from recent gigs and the recording session, updating the calendar, and trying to do a better job of keeping you informed in the news section. I hope that you'll check it out, and that you enjoy what you see and read. Thank you!

One step closer... - May 30, 2018

Yes, I'm a step closer to completing work on the new recording...I now have three fully mastered and mixed copies of the CD with the tunes in order. Thanks to the great of work of my engineer Bryan Shaw, we were able to fix some balance problems and do some additional fixes. After much debate, I was able to come up with a tune order that I'm happy with, and I thin that you'll enjoy as well. There is a good variety of tempo and mood, and something among the sixteen track for everyone to enjoy. Dixieland, novelties, group vocals, pretty ballads, and of course plenty of swing. Now it's on to licensing and packaging/artwork - stay tuned for more updates soon!
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