Checking in again 

Hello again, sorry that it's been awhile.  I hope that all of you are well and staying positive while we wait out this crisis.  With no gigs to play, I'll continue to post videos of myself playing some of my favorite tunes.  I'm posting them first on my Facebook page (Jim Ziegler) and then to the band page (The Swingsations), but am also posting them here in the Photo/Video section.  I hope that you enjoy them, and I look forward to the day when I and the band can perform for you again.  Thanks, and take…

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Hello out there 

I'm sorry that I haven't posted in a while, as I've been teaching my school band classes remotely, and other family duties have come up.  I hope that all of you are safe and well, and continue to know that this crisis will end.  I had a little "chop trouble" lately as well, but things are improving and I'm happy to say that I'm able to play again with some strength - so I hope to make some more trumpet solo videos and post them here and on Facebook.  In the meantime, I'm waiting for CDBaby's warehouse to…

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Some videos 

In this time of isolation I've decided to make short videos of me playing some nice tunes - I hope to eventually do some videos with singing and playing and also with accompaniment.  I'm putting them out on Facebook and also transferring them here.  They are under the Photos/Videos tab here on the website.  Please give them a listen, and I hope that you enjoy them.  Thank you!

Stay positive and keep swingin'! 

Hello everyone! In these uncertain times when we don't know what will happen next, it's good to remember that our country has survived many a tragedy, hardship, and crisis, and we will make it through this as well.  I hope that you're finding ways to stay positive and keep ur minds active.  As you know, music is a great way to help us forget our problems for a while.  If you haven't already and would like, please consider checking out my recordings here, and consider a CD purchase or a download.  They are…

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Casino gig postponed 

I am sorry to tell you that our gig at Casino San Clemente (April 1) for the Spring into Jazz Series has been postponed, due to concerns over the virus and containing its spread.  I've been assured that the series will go on at a later date, so I will keep you all informed.  Until then, be well and stay confident - we'll be together again soon.  Thank you!

A great debut 

It was a swingin' night at Cook's Chapel in Anaheim - a big thanks to all who came out last night, and also a thank you to Jason Fabus for inviting us to be a part of his entertainment lineup.  And of course a big thank you to my band - Phil, Tom, Dave, and special guest Jimmy Ford on drums.  We hope to be back soon!  Next up is our gig at Casino San Clemente on Wednesday, April 1 - hope to see you there!

Cook's Chapel ticket info 

As promised, here's information on tickets for our upcoming gig at Cook's Chapel, Tuesday, March 10.  You can purchase them in advance for $5.00 at -  (keyword Cook's Chapel), or they are $7.00 at the door that night.  Thanks, and hope to see you there!

Facing adversity 

On a personal note, I injured the middle finger on my right hand in December ( which is my trumpet playing hand ), and have been in a splint since then.  t's been a challenge to play, but I've been able to do it using the good fingers on that hand - it's awkward and sloppy at times but it works.  Today I met with an orthopedic surgeon and got mostly good news - I can continue to play using the other fingers, but I will be in a splint for at least 2 more months ( it's a tendon injury and takes a long time to…

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Casino date confirmed 

As promised, I have an update on our return to Casino San Clemente - we will be there on Wednesday, April 1, from 6:30 to 9:00 pm, as part of the Spring Into Jazz Series.  And this is no "April Fool":)!  There will be a lot of swingin' music as we celebrate our 25th year as a band.  Stay tuned for more details soon.