A brief update

It's time to bring you up to date on some of our recent appearances, as I haven't written in a while. We had the pleasure of performing for the Fall Kick Off at Mariner's Church in Irvine - it was in September and we received many compliments. I am hopeful that we'll return there soon to play for more events. We also returned to Barley Forge Brewing Co. in Costa Mesa last week ( Oct. 26 ) for our seventh appearance...another fun night of music. My thanks to the band - regulars Phil and Dave and special guests Tom Liston on guitar and Gareth Price on drums. We were able to pay tribute to Thelonious Monk on the recent centennial of his birth by performing two of his tunes ( his roots are in the Swing Era and many of his tunes work in a swing setting ). All in all, a busy and successful fall season. Here's hoping for more great gigs soon!

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