Facing adversity

On a personal note, I injured the middle finger on my right hand in December ( which is my trumpet playing hand ), and have been in a splint since then.  t's been a challenge to play, but I've been able to do it using the good fingers on that hand - it's awkward and sloppy at times but it works.  Today I met with an orthopedic surgeon and got mostly good news - I can continue to play using the other fingers, but I will be in a splint for at least 2 more months ( it's a tendon injury and takes a long time to heal ).  I was very worried that I wouldn't be able to play for a while, so I'm very relieved.  The next months will be a challenge, but sometimes you never know what you can do until you have to do it.  Thanks for reading, and I wish you success in facing the adversities in your lives.

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